simultaneous control of all false discovery proportions
by an extension of hommel's method

meijer, krebs, solari, goeman

minimally adaptive bh:
a tiny but uniform improvement of
the procedure of benjamini and hochberg

solari, goeman
biometrical journal 2016

rotation-based multiple testing
in the multivariate linear model

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multiple hypothesis testing in genomics
goeman, solari
statistics in medicine 2014 33:1946-78

testing goodness-of-fit in regression:
a general approach for specified alternatives

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multiple testing for exploratory research
goeman, solari
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correction note

the sequential rejection principle
of familywise error control

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three-sided hypothesis testing:
simultaneous testing of
superiority, equivalence and inferiority

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testing marginal homogeneity against
stochastic order in multivariate ordinal data

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a mutant-p53/smad complex opposes p63
to empower tgfbeta-induced metastasis

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R packages

multiple testing methods for exploratory research
R package published on cran
goeman (author); meier, solari (contributions)

multivariate permutation tests
R package published on cran
finos (author); basso, goeman, rinaldo, solari (contributions)

testing groups of covariates for association with a response variable
r package published on bioconductor
goeman, oosting (authors); finos, solari (contributions)